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gregor herrmann gregoa at debian.org
Thu May 19 10:01:27 UTC 2011

On Thu, 19 May 2011 11:34:35 +0200, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:

> > > > AFAIR, Storable has some issues when mixing arch in a chroot. This issue came 
> > > > up recently, but I don't remember where...
> > > I also have some vague memories about Storable, but more about
> > > 5.10.1->5.12.3 upgrade issues (with existing data or something).
> > Given that parrot was uploaded before the perl 5.12 transition (hence built
> > with perl 5.10.1), that may be the cause.

Yup ...

> > I've just tried to build rakudo in a i386 chroot using parrot built with 
> > perl 5.12 and it didn't fail, while building rakudo on i386 with the parrot 
> > from the archive failed (they were both i386 chroots on amd64, the result 
> > may be inaccurate).

Thanks for the confirmation!

> > I'm not sure what's the correct way to proceed, but if the cause is that, 
> > IMHO parrot should be re-built on all the architectures as part of the perl 
> > 5.12 transition, or something like that.

Sounds plausible at first sight.

The interesting thing is that non of the parrot-* packages seems to
depend on libperl5.X or perlapi-*, so it wasn't binNMUd.

Requesting a binNMU now would probably help, but it doesn't seem to
be really future-proof.

Looking at the parrot* packages the interesting thing I see is:

Package: parrot-devel
Version: 3.3.0-1
Architecture: i386
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.4), libparrot3.3.0 (>= 3.3.0), libreadline6 (>= 6.0), parrot, libparrot-dev, perl

i.e. this is an arch:any package and depends on perl but not on
libperl* or perlapi*.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, or what's the correct way to
proceed; but maybe this gives a hint ...
> Forgot the CC -.-"

Grazie :)

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