nqp package: missing pristine-tar for 2015.05

Paul Cochrane paul at liekut.de
Wed Jul 15 20:39:25 UTC 2015

Hi Dominique,

> Looks like nqp_2015.05 is missing from pristine-tar branch. 
> Did someone forget to do a "push --all" ?

unfortunately, a `push --all` doesn't help, since I didn't add the relevant
stuff to the `pristine-tar` branch, only to the `upstream` branch.  Sorry
about that!  It happened when I tried to do everything by hand without
knowing that tools had already been developed which do it for me. :-/

> On the other hand, nqp 2015.06 has been released upstream, so we can also 
> forget about 2015.05 and go directly to 2015.06. Paul, what to you think ?

I agree.

> One last question: does nqp need a strict dependency on moar ? (i.e. = 
> 2015.06) or is a "normal" dep (>= 2015.06) enough ?

I always thought that a strict "=" dependency was what was required, however
reading `tools/lib/NQP/Configure.pm` it seems that a "normal" (>=)
dependency would do the job.

My apologies for the errors I've made; I now know better that there are
tools which do all the right things, so from now on the ride shouldn't be so

I'll try and cut the 2015.06 version tomorrow and will document the process
as well as I can on the wiki and in `README.source`.



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