Bug#788645: rakudo: Upstream version 2015.03 available, including MoarVM and JVM backends

Ivan Kohler ivan-debian at 420.am
Sat Jun 13 19:02:41 UTC 2015

Package: rakudo
Version: 2014.07-4
Severity: wishlist

Upstream version 2015.03 is available.

This release includes support for the MoarVM and JVM backends [1].  It 
sounds like these are going to be the best-supported backends in the 
initial release planned for late this year, and Parrot is going to be 
unsupported, at least for now [2].

[1] http://rakudo.org/2015/03/21/announce-rakudo-star-release-2015-03/
[2] http://pmthium.com/2015/02/suspending-rakudo-parrot/

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