Fixing rpath issue with latest MoarVM

Dominique Dumont dod at
Mon Jun 15 11:25:35 UTC 2015

On Sunday 14 June 2015 18:27:18 Daniel Dehennin wrote:
>   E: moarvm: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath usr/bin/moar
> /usr/share/perl6/site/lib E: moarvm: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath
> usr/lib/moar/ /usr/share/perl6/site/lib

The commit message you mentioned is [1]: 
"This will allow Moar to find shared objects used by NativeCall
libraries without hacks to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for local installs"

I don't think this rpath is currently needed for moar: no libraries are 
installed in /usr/share/perl6/site/lib. Yet. 

This may be useful to build native libraries that use other native libraries.

> The problem comes from an upstream commit[1] which add an rpath to a
> directory outside the MoarVM package.
> I see two possibilities:
> 1. set an override
> 2. add a moarvm.dirs to install this empty directory

There's a 3rd possibility:

3. remove the rpath for Debian package.

There's a definite possibility that something will break in the future. Then 
we'll have a better understanding of the issue and how it can be best solved 
for Debian.

Thoughts ?


Debian page on RPATH:

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