Release impact of introducing a new archive section?

Dominique Dumont dod at
Thu Dec 8 18:09:37 UTC 2016

On Thursday, 8 December 2016 18:17:23 CET gregor herrmann wrote:
> Ah, I see; that makes sense.  So, perl6 X::Y::Z modules will use the
> > naming perl6-x-y-z?
> Yup, that's my understanding.

Yes, that's the plan.

> > In any case, I don't have any objections to a new section; I just wanted
> > to check about the alternative possibility of using "perl" (which in any
> > case seems better than using "interpreters").
> Ack. I just wanted to add my opinion that combining them with "perl"
> doesn't seem to be a good idea.


Perl5 and Perl6 are considered by upstream as 2 different languages (even if 
of the same familly). That's why I think having 2 separate sections is 
preferable to match upstream's point of view.
> And I'm not sure if we need perl6 _now_, given the amount of
> packages. 

Yes, this can wait until jessie is released. I just hope to find the time to 
package Perl6 modules before Buster :-/

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