Bug#801498: rakudo: Native libraries and paths

Tobias Leich email at froggs.de
Thu Nov 3 09:07:34 UTC 2016

 > Looks like the NativeCall library ignores --libpath.

The library search path is a compile time option to moarvm too.

MoarVM/build/setup.pm:128:    ldrpath    => '-Wl,-rpath,"/@libdir@" 

Since there is no option yet to add stuff to it during configure, you've 
to edit build/setup.pm at line 128.
It might want to look like this now:

MoarVM/build/setup.pm:128:    ldrpath    => '-Wl,-rpath,"/@libdir@" 

The proper fix would be that Linenoise installs the liblinenoise.so in a 
known directory. Though that might not be an easy one.

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