Bug#801498: rakudo: Native libraries and paths

Tobias Leich email at froggs.de
Sat Nov 5 20:11:38 UTC 2016

Am 05.11.2016 um 20:20 schrieb Dominique Dumont:
> On Thursday, 3 November 2016 10:07:34 CET Tobias Leich wrote:
>> It might want to look like this now:
>> MoarVM/build/setup.pm:128:    ldrpath    => '-Wl,-rpath,"/@libdir@"
>> -Wl,-rpath,"@prefix@/share/perl6/site/lib"
>> -Wl,-rpath,"/home/gregoa/.perl6/2015.09/lib"',
> That is not possible in Debian context. moar and rakudo are compiled on Debian
> build server: a directory belonging to a user cannot be added in rpath (which
> would also be a security hole and against debian policy)
Sure, this was just meant for the reporter here to try and workaround 
the issue. It was not meant as a solution at all.
>> The proper fix would be that Linenoise installs the liblinenoise.so in a
>> known directory. Though that might not be an easy one.
> This would require to run the install phase as root to install linenoise.so in
> a known directory (why not @prefix@/share/perl6/site/lib ?).
Yes, that's one solution, and probably *the* one that'll make it into 
panda/linenoise. I think the best way would be to open an issue in the 
linenoise perl module (github), and close this issue here since it is 
not directly moarvm's or rakudo's fault.

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