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Thu May 25 10:27:08 UTC 2017

Daniel Dehennin <daniel.dehennin at> writes:

I got some feedback from #perl6 IRC channel[1]

> Draw backs:


> - optimisation: pre-compilation can not take advantages of CPU features
>   since they are not known.

This one is not an argument as

    “any CPU-specific stuff will happen in the JITting of that bytecdoe”
    jnthn on IRC[2]

Some other discussion on IRC[3]:

    <nine> nebuchadnezzar: if there's no precomp file for the exact
    running rakudo, it will precompile transparently (except for the
    time required) and store the generated files in ~/.perl6 (most of
    the time)

    <nine> nebuchadnezzar: so multiple Perl 6 installations are not an
    issue for distributing precompiled files.

    <nebuchadnezzar> nine: ok, I'm not sure about the Debian policy for
    that point, I think we may want to avoid this step at run time for
    users, some of them may even not have a $HOME

I think it may be a key argument for our packaging policy, even if for

    “from my point of view, there's practially 0 reason to precomp on
    installation. It only has downsides.”





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