Terminal::AnsiColor packaging

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Wed Mar 7 14:32:52 UTC 2018


in the way of packaging the rakudo debugger module, I discovered that it
depends on another one, Terminal::AnsiColor.

Since it is a very simple module, I went to package it first.  Following
the indications of the zef thread, I just used the "install-dist.pl"
utility shipped with rakudo, copying it into debian/.

The module compiles and installs just fine ("perl6 example.pl"
succeeds).  I have some questions, however:

- In the end, the precompiled binaries are what is distributed in the
  binary package.  I suspect they are architecture-independent, but I'm
  not sure: are they?

- The sources of the module are not present in the final binary package.
  Should I copy them to a given directory?  Will them be interesting to
  have for debugging purposes?

- I'm also not sure about the name of the package, is it correct?

- Somehow "pod2man" does not do a good job when trying to generate a man
  page from the sources.

- I don't know how to make this module dependent on the exact version of
  rakudo used to build it, nor when the compatibility is broken (is that
  version→2 number?)

I have placed the repo at




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