[Pkg-remote-team] [xrdp] annotated tag v0.6.0 created (now 8ea2794)

Dominik George natureshadow-guest at moszumanska.debian.org
Sat Nov 26 10:59:49 UTC 2016

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natureshadow-guest pushed a change to annotated tag v0.6.0
in repository xrdp.

        at  8ea2794   (tag)
   tagging  706a68192a9be962aca60c0fb228f016b3295c79 (commit)
 tagged by  Jay Sorg
        on  Thu Nov 13 22:50:09 2014 -0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Itamar Reis Peixoto (28):
      remove execute permission from keygen.c
      use package version in xrdp.c
      xrdp comestic patch from "Alessandro Briosi" <tsdogs at briosix.org>
      add xrdp-sesman pam.d file into tarball when doing a make dist
      add more missed files into extra_dist
      include missing files in make dist
      more files to fix make dist
      include more files missed in make dist
      include fedora package names in messages about missing dependencies
      use package version in xrdp.c
      xrdp comestic patch from "Alessandro Briosi" <tsdogs at briosix.org>
      add xrdp-sesman pam.d file into tarball when doing a make dist
      add more missed files into extra_dist
      include missing files in make dist
      more files to fix make dist
      include more files missed in make dist
      include fedora package names in messages about missing dependencies
      add gitignore patch
      modify gitignore
      fix freerdp extra_dist
      change include to Angle-bracket form
      check if freerdp-devel is installed and use it
      update .gitignore
      Merge branch 'itamarjp' of ssh://xrdp.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/xrdp/xrdp into itamarjp
      fix mistake in Makefile.am
      fix freerdp include
      remove unused else from configure.ac
      Keymap for Brazilian ABNT2 keyboard

Jay Sorg (74):
      update copyright year
      bind to specific address
      fix for 100% cpu when socket error
      use en-us keymap file if no keymap file
      limit X server to localhost and set dpi
      log messages friend
      no localhost for X11rdp, don't need to set dpi
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://jsorg71@xrdp.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/xrdp/xrdp
      fixes for bell function
      started work on freerdp wrapper
      work on freerdp
      added --enable-freerdp configure option
      variable drop down menu size
      work on freerdp
      work on freerdp module
      work on freerdp
      update mc interface
      freerdp work
      added NewFBSize support
      add ssl init to common
      minor changes
      work on freerdp
      autotool fixes
      update some copyright years
      printf error when can't bind port
      remove xrdp from .gitignore, I couldn't add files in xrdp directory
      added xrdp/xrdp
      added g_chown
      added a way to disconnect a session from within a session
      added disconnect tool
      add xrdp-dis to .gitignore
      X11rdp can resize sessions now
      X11rdp needs bpp to match to reconnect / resize
      move disconnect to X11rdp
      add max bpp option to xrdp.ini
      added 15 and 24bpp support and changes for reconnect / resize
      remove warnings, check for nil
      fix for alt-gr win7 control key
      added xorg directory
      added buildx script
      get a file from server1
      font and other build fixes
      added libxml2 to build
      added libpthread-stubs
      added python
      xorg build
      xorg build
      xorg build
      xorg build
      xorg build
      xorg build
      xorg build
      added tests directory
      added tcp_proxy
      added xdemo
      added nx directory
      added default parameter to buildx.sh
      move win32 to own file
      add --port command line override
      fix for https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=782619
      fix init error
      added freerdp1 module
      freerdp module, color conversion
      forward channel data in freerdp module
      freerdp memory leak fix
      freerdp1: fixed crash, added logging
      freerdp1: fix memory leaks
      xorg: added tests
      sync master for tcp_proxy
      sync master for tcp_proxy
      remove xorg files

Nicola Ruggero (13):
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://xrdp.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/xrdp/xrdp
      Improved logging. Patch by aaron
      Added bell (pcspeaker) support
      Major code cleanup:
      Version up to 0.6.0
      Implemented client IP logging
      Read keymaps over 128 keys. Patch by Yoshitomo Nakashima
      Removed dead code re-introduced erroneously in commit 4cf06dbbcb8522be5fa069976c8f361fc874039f
      Include also fluxbox
      Fixed warning about wrong vnc* truct
      Fixed compile warning about wrong vnc* struct
      New key layout (Dutch Belgium 0x0813 and French Belgium 0x080c)
      Added SwissGerman keyboard layout file. Thx to Manuel Salera

ilsimo (61):
      Splitted sesman.c in more files.
      Adding sig.*
      Adding auth.h env.c env.h session.c session.h tcp.c tcp.h
      Making sesman running as a daemon in the background and placing session starting code in a separate util (sesrun)
      fixing some typos in Makefiles
      Adding logging functions and adding log options in config files
      Added new sesman config options and fixed startup script
      Added logging subsystem
      fixing some errors in logging functions
      added --nodaemon and --kill options
      added manpages for xrdp, xrdp.ini, sesman, sesman.ini, sesrun
      added logging to stdout
      added CORE logging level
      fixed check for pid file and delete of pid file on exit
      removed #include "file_loc.h"
      adding some access control features
      added missing config directives
      added new options in sesman.ini
      added g_strcmp
      new session list code
      marked some options as ignored
      added nicer support for Xrdp
      updated code documentation
      preparing sources to add new sesman control protocol
      making (hopefully) the logging system thread-safe
      adding initgroups() to support multiple user groups
      making sesman multithread
      first try for a scp protocol layer (aka libscp)
      fixed missink break in switch
      adding missing license notes
      Adding MaxLoginRetry configuration option
      Adding MaxLoginRetry configuration option
      Fix for an error which blocks X11rdp session to be started
      some fixes for libscp
      adding scp v1 first code, fixed passwd auth for disabled password
      fixing sone really stupid deadlocks occurring if there is some network error
      more work on scp v1
      some fixes for scp v0
      added use of libscp
      adding libscp to xup
      fixes bug #1595324 in sf.net bugtracker
      added ListenAddress configuration option
      small fixes for italian keymap (added <>{} keys)
      added sessvc as session supervisor
      portability fix: changed uintXX_t in xrdp defined datatypes
      moving sesrun to tools/
      adding more logging after various exec()
      some style fixes
      making libscp a real library
      removing unused files
      remove unused files
      adding forgotten files
      adding SCP_SESSION and SCP_CONNECTION handling code
      fixing sessvc starting code and removing SESMAN_SESSVC_FILE definition
      fix for sesman not checking username when returning disconnected session list
      small fixes fot italian keymap
      updating logging subsystem
      more work on logging
      still more work on logging
      added first management code
      forgotten files

jsorg71 (785):
      added COPYING
      remove files
      added xrdp_tcp.c
      added xrdp_iso.c
      added xrdp_mcs.c
      early work
      added parse.h
      add constants.h
      add xrdp_types.h
      add xrdp_sec.c
      add xrdp_rdp.c
      add xrdp_process.c
      add xrdp_listen.c
      add xrdp.h
      add xrdp.c
      add os_calls.c
      add Makefile
      major work and login screen
      added bitmaps and cursors
      use standard cur files for cursors
      don't draw xor box unless when dragging unless mouse moves
      pass struct stream around, don't use just one
      added font stuff
      added readme.txt
      set font to black and more help text
      endian changes
      IRIX compile changes
      some oganization and macros
      organization and optimazation
      added early keyboard work and some other fixes
      win32 compile changes
      work on logon edits
      added xrdp_defines.h
      control focus improvements
      hide password chars
      some combo box work
      more work on combo box
      started work on moduals
      added vnc mod
      added files from xrdp directory
      move some file to common
      commit bitmap compres work and moved some files around
      removed 2 files
      copyright update
      updated 8 bpp compression
      added bitmap cache
      set bitmap cache and bitmap compression from the config file
      changed the way the palette works in 8 bpp and changed some parameter passing
      added lib header and makefile
      don't load font unless needed
      fix debug parameters
      added pointer cache, some debug messages and some other fixes
      added session manager and fixed disconnect problems
      if sck is closed, don't write or read it again, other small fixes
      move d3des to common
      fix disconnect problems
      use our own vnc passwd file
      added a bunch of error checks
      fix some crashes and added some debug messages
      more debug info
      added script to start window manager
      fix thread leak, gota detach
      gata give X more time to start
      readability and 64 bit changes
      a few minor fixes
      almost null hot spot should be 3, 3
      bitmap cache change
      moved some functions around and changed some ifdefs
      added connection log
      some ints should be long
      makefile and header changes
      added get_threadid
      deamon shutdown
      remove vncauth.c
      respond to shutdown signals
      shutdown socket when closing
      new logo
      some ints should be long
      memleak cleanup and fix crash
      close connection window if connected
      fix crash with large cursors
      got enter and esc keys working on login screen
      added strncmp
      added more login options
      makefile updates
      gota set shell enviroment var
      capture more client caps
      update some txt files
      added hex values to scancode comments
      added instfiles
      added non pam authentication
      moved files around
      moved some files around
      moved a bunch of files around
      call painter funcs, not orders
      got __fastcall working for borland compilers
      pam changes
      added clipping functions to the mod interface
      fixed screenblt for ms client
      use os_call in sesman
      big endian fix
      some more big endian fixes
      SIGCHLD can differ
      got vnc mod working in win32
      added pam session
      don't set data to zero of found session
      new logo
      changed pam session and env
      add pos and unset_signals funcs
      opps, need an ifdef
      add radop item
      clip changes, 16bpp crash fix
      add new painter funcs
      harvest and pass on hostname and keylayout of client
      use srcx and y in paint_rect
      added param1 to paint_rect
      added server_reset(which uses demand_active) for resizing the rdp client
      set hostname and keylayout first
      added more message when module dosen't load
      switch to sesman for pam control file
      make pam the default and install the pam.d file
      update readme.txt
      use case insensitive compare in lib_mod_set_param
      added user specific window manager startup script and SIGUP to reload sesman configuration
      case insesitive file sections
      remove g_strcmp and clip fix
      case insesitive config file and moving reverse to ssl_calls
      moving reverse to ssl_calls
      move rsa keys to a file and load at connection
      8K max packet size for 8 bpp clients
      read rdp login info
      update sesman.ini
      return error if can't find section
      add autologin support
      makefile fix
      bsd compatable clearenv
      added rdp_tcp.c
      added rdp_iso.c
      added rdp_mcs.c
      gota use len in BN_bin2bn
      early rdp module work
      add Makefile
      added RDP_PDU_REDIRECT
      libradop -> librdp
      rdp module
      set default rdp port
      some minor bugs
      added file delete
      added deamonizing
      minor xrdpstart.sh changes
      win32 changes
      MAKELONG should be lo, hi, not hi, lo
      opps, MAKELONG fix
      gota close socket
      add SPLITCOLOR32
      8bpp fixes
      source, then dest bpp
      8 /16 bpp client fixes
      add SPLITCOLOR15 and 16
      added kerberos auth
      win32 fixes
      Makefile changes
      -ldl should be in libs
      added some APP_CC and changed ssl prefix
      changed ssl prefix
      <lf><cr> should be <cr><lf>
      more win32 stuff
      added win32 service calls
      with autologin, use first non globals section in xrdp.ini
      read port, if set, from xrdp.ini
      spelling mistakes
      added win32 makefile
      Makefile changes
      Makefile and file location changes
      added file_loc.h
      fix sentinel warning
      fix a couple of warnings
      powerpc is big endian
      os_call.o and ssl_calls.o check
      file.c, os_calls.c, and ssl_calls.c make check
      os_calls.c, d2des.c, list.c, file.c, and log.c make check
      os_calls.c and d3des.c make check
      list.c, file.c, os_calls.c, and thread_calls.c make check
      added g_time1 function
      started rec file
      get_threadid should return long
      rop fix
      minor comment changes
      copyright year update
      copyright year update
      copyright year update
      copyright year update
      added Makefile
      added xup
      added xup
      added xrdp_control.sh
      added install.txt
      added sleep
      added sesman dymanic session
      temp hack for starting Xrdp
      check for lock file too when checking for X server running
      64 bit big endian fixes
      uncompress bitmaps and big endian fixes
      added cursor function
      iso layer fix
      more checking to see if the Xserver display is available
      opps, its 60xx, not 61xx for Xserver tcp ports
      xrdp.pid cleanup too
      documentation and script file changes
      added kde path if needed
      add debian directory
      added installdeb to makefiles
      patblt opcode fix
      fix crash when typing a username in
      added DEFAULT_CC
      added some debug messages
      added debug messages
      bitmap cache2 vars
      bitmap cache2
      bitmap cache v2
      don't allow 24 or 15 bpp connections for now
      safer read of font file
      copyright year updates
      added Xserver files
      fix an error in tcp_select
      added seg_sign
      added medium and high rdp encryption via xrdp.ini
      bounds check when loading font
      use strcasecmp when comparing
      some solaris fixes and add some funcs for sesman
      year update and moved some stuff to os_calls.c
      printf -> writeln
      fix for large clip data
      need to include stdlib.h before opensll headers
      include stdio.h for newer gcc
      gnome starts with gnome-session
      its xrdp_control.sh, not xrdp_daemon
      added some comments
      adding rdesktop files
      added files from rdesktop
      added files from rdesktop
      add dfb files
      win32 stuff
      linux EOL
      faster timer
      vista disconnect fix
      part of large modulus fix
      linux EOL
      update readme.txt for new directories
      adding makefile
      added dfb.c
      added directfb stuff
      added rdp-scan-codes.txt
      win32 time zone changes
      direct fb work
      allow comments starting with # or cvs diff
      64 bit fix
      added wfp and a check before bliting
      add frame buffer files
      frame buffer work
      fix for g_file_open
      update debian files
      added xrdp_control1.sh for package installs
      update debian files
      change debian install location
      changed deb install location
      fb changes
      debian package build fixes
      added -ac to Xserver start params
      more checks in scripts
      fix for g_tcp_select
      compile with xfree86 4.5
      newer xserver fixes
      got log.c compiling and formating changes and comments
      comment return value of g_initgroups function
      check return value of g_initgroups
      added comments
      #include using <>
      fix warning and some comments
      minor fixes and indent
      fix lock problem
      change Xrdp to X11rdp to avoid confusion
      add mechanism for not allowing keyups unless there was a keydown
      got XFree86 4.6 and Xorg 6.9.0 compiling
      added readme.txt
      added xf86qsort for xorg 6.8.2
      added function list_append_list_strdup
      got g_file_open working with read only files and added an exe function
      added ability to put extra Xserver parameters in sesman.ini
      fix invalidate message
      win32 thread creation fix
      win32 fix
      win32 fix
      set some default socket options
      added de, fr, and gb key layouts
      added switch for any char conversion we need for other key layouts
      altgr fix
      more --nodaemon aliases
      added 'pt br' key layout
      copyright change
      added in_sint8
      copyright changes on some files
      added italy keymap
      add a login callback
      make some functions static per 1579343
      remove k&r functions per 1579342
      added g_create_dir, g_directory_exist, g_remove_dir, and g_chmod
      make sure /tmp/.X11-unix directoy exist
      g_chmod to g_chmod_hex
      added freetype2 dir for linking
      commit patch 1589325, slightly modified - code cleanup
      big endian fix for mouse cursor
      update license clauses
      use in_sint8 macro
      g_ for global variables
      remove debug messages
      fix keyup issue
      let module decide if alt-gr needs to be ignored
      added g_tcp_can_send
      removed sleep calls from xrdp_tcp
      remove sleep
      remove sleep calls
      remove sleep calls
      added calling convention defaults for os_calls
      license change
      added EINPROGRESS as a valid blocking errno
      added chkconfig support for newer versions
      added channel support
      more work on channel support
      channel data go go to the client
      remove uirdesktop
      remove uirdesktop
      remove uirdesktop
      remove uirdesktop
      remove uirdesktop
      copyright year update
      copyright year update
      copyright year update
      6.8.2 works too
      check if server is shutting down
      setup is_term callback function
      fix for file_read_line
      added some debug info
      added some debug messages and some mce stuff
      remove old files
      moved orders state to one struct
      added debug messages
      xrdpstart.sh removed
      clipboard redir work
      channels on
      got to create the channel layer
      added g_snprintf to header
      work on threads
      dont need length in strcmp
      tc_ prefix for thread calls
      thread and mutex work
      xrdp_control.sh is a bash script
      thread_calls and added semaphore
      licence change
      removed strip from Makefile
      added debug data
      added debug out, added update sync call
      added debug out, added update sync
      added size int types
      added tcp_socket_ok to test socket status
      undo disable cursor
      added xrdp_mm.c and removed xrdp_interface.c
      moved module work to its own struct
      added a comment
      added the xrdp_mm struct
      removed xrdp/xrdp_interface.c
      added xrdp_mm struct
      added xrdp_mm work for module management
      added xrdp_mm
      Xrdp to X11rdp
      move scp to xrdp
      moved scp to xrdp
      move scp to xrdp
      added -f to make clean rm command
      moving module management to seperate c file and moving sesman coomuniation to xrdp instead of module
      24 bit color
      24 bit color
      need 24 bit RGB and BGR macros
      more portable start / stop script
      more portable start / stop script
      24 bit color
      make sure next_packet is not null
      got autologin working again and some other fixes
      move sesman com to xrdp
      move sesman com to xrdp
      removed name conflict
      work on getting the module manager working without using sesman
      version missing from struct
      remove makefile_rdp
      added vars so tools don't install in root dir
      another check for powerpc
      copyright year update
      win32 changes
      added mc
      early work
      improve win32 random
      added keygen utility
      added dumby sign and save function
      completed save function
      reverse the big number bytes
      added ppk
      added test function
      completed sign key and some cleanups
      don't set send buffer size unless its less than 32k
      added keygen function
      moved ssl calls to common
      update from branch, clarify X server used
      update from branch, don't install libscp in /usr/lib
      added swedish keymap
      check for old openssl library for key gen
      added -f parameter to ln
      added undef and error message
      added sans-10.fv1
      remove Tahoma-10.fv1
      adjust controls for new font
      update readme.txt
      update readme.txt
      update readme.txt
      added rsa_builtin_keygen1 for older openssl libraries
      started work on unicode
      make sure malloc didn't return nil
      patch from 'Hug Me'
      added files
      working on fontdump
      work on fontdump
      work on fontdump
      put the font names in a combo box
      expand fonts to 1024
      read larger font files
      expand fonts to 1024
      added init and deinit functions and windows unicode fixes
      added faq file
      remove compiler warning
      update faqs
      keymap fix from psdavis
      removed some warnings about wchar_t
      removed Tahoma font
      removed built in keygen funtion, wasn't working anyway
      return value var
      expand chars to 4096
      read the rdp5 performance flags and some 64 bit warning fixes
      added unicode_to_keysym function
      added g_file_get_size function
      expand fonts
      Euro is 0x20ac, not 0x80
      font changes, no color in font struct, wm default font, etc
      win64 tbus and win32 twchar
      remove duplicate tbus
      added mac makefiles
      don't display unknown for capset 22 and 26
      added Makfile.osx
      remove installdeb and changed make to
      remove installdeb
      added g_time2 function
      added russian unicode to keysym
      added more russian unicode to keysym and added some comments
      added g_htoi
      use g_htoi
      remove CLK_TCK, not always defined
      added ability to use keymap files and added capslock and shiftcapslock maps
      added g_strtrim
      added by_name functions that can read any file size
      use new config file functions
      long to tbus
      long to tbus
      check if __BYTE_ORDER is defined
      add comments
      add tsock
      move tsock
      fix warning
      set dragging to false when module loads or popups close
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      print a message if loaded keymap doesn't match build in keymap
      update comments and Italian keymap
      don't supress key up and sync modifiers on connect
      load port in a function and fix crash
      change log message from Xrdp to X11rdp
      update russian keymap
      fix memory leak
      update us-uk keymap
      update keymaps
      need tabs
      need tabs
      need tabs
      need tabs
      update de keymap
      remove tabs
      fix shutdown crash
      remove debian directory
      added wait obj functions
      spelling correction and make function more readable
      main loop reorganization
      target fix
      added new wait_obj functions
      added new wait_obj functions
      wait objs function changes
      set socket options
      socket options fixes
      main loop changes, not so chatty
      log more log errors to wm_log
      added support for if OLD_RSA_GEN1 is defined and changed unsigned char to tui8
      changed unsigned char to tui8 changed a print messsage
      comment change
      added comments and changed executable name to xrdp-keygen
      rename sesman.8 to xrdp-sesman.8
      rename sesrun.8 to xrdp-sesrun.8
      rename sesman to xrdp-sesman
      rename xrdp_control.sh to xrdp
      change xrdp file install locations
      change xrdp file install locations
      change xrdp file install locations
      change xrdp file install locations
      add thandle
      update capability set defines
      mce is not related to login flag 0x400
      demand active update
      renaming and moving install files
      fix for target and added CFGDIR
      renaming and moving install files
      renaming and moving install files
      renaming and moving install files
      remove unneeded stuff
      renaming and moving install files
      rename xrdp to xrdp.sh
      tools needs _ at end cause there is a directory called tools
      rename /etc/init.d and /etc/pam.d files
      correct and add some path defines
      include file_loc.h
      full path for xrdp-sesman.log file
      align and use XRDP_SBIN_PATH
      use share path when loading files
      sesman.ini does not have a prefix
      sesman.pid has a prefix
      added getuid function
      work on keygen to install and run on install
      make, install, and clean keygen with the rest
      update copyright year and don't fork if no access to pid file
      move reading of the keys file to incoming function so we can error out if the keys file is not accessable, add a debug message
      fix mono cursor issue with librdp
      added 24 bpp color support
      added more color conversion
      use RDP_ORDER_SMALL and RDP_ORDER_TINY for patblt
      update the orders caps
      added brush cache bits for clients that support it
      added support for tiny and small order flags
      produce packed mcs packets when small
      replace long with tbus
      -ldl not needed and not portable
      build common as a library
      build common as a library
      add config.h and file_loc.h
      add config.h
      HAVE_CONFIG should be at top
      added sesman auth options
      added HAVE_CONFIG_H
      change config.h to config_ac.h
      change config.h to config_ac.h
      change config.h to config_ac.h
      add autotools
      add keygen
      adding autotools
      add tools subdir
      add some defines, change libdir and version
      change XRDP_KEYMAP_PATH to FILE and added SESMAN defines
      libcommon and version change
      version and common change
      version and common change, remove defines
      bin to sbin common change and additional install files
      common change
      added define check for ipv6 structs
      common and version changes
      added HAVE_CONFIG_H
      bin to sbin, common and install changes
      added threadid_equal
      remove lib version
      remove lib version
      filename change
      touch configure.ac
      added docs
      when no prefix, install to /etc and add instfiles
      add instfiles
      the name changed
      added post install hook
      added trans files
      log an error when cursor files don't exist
      log errors and minor fix
      fix crash when font file dosen't exist
      bsd and pthread fixes
      make sure rop and mixmode are in range
      use valid mixmode in line draw
      add a comment
      added trans.c
      fix for older auto tools
      remove 24 and 15 bpp limit
      allow 15 bpp compress like 16 bpp
      remove unset_signals
      move sessvc to a sub-directory
      autotools for sessvc
      add pid to event names
      channel changes
      remove old makefiles
      channel changes
      added g_ to globals, added SIGINT, SIGKILL to shutdown signals, other minor changes
      move to using the signal functions instead of sigaddset since we removed unset signals
      quiet them main loop of sesman
      improve the wait for the x server to start
      added g_signal_* functions
      change to the g_signal_* functions
      change to the g_signal_* functions
      add a var if chan_trans connected
      only the main thread forks
      use the thread_calls in common the mutexes and semaphores
      fix overflow when typing in edit on login screen
      fix some buffer overruns
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      update build instructions
      update file-loc.txt
      added 15bpp support
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      fix some minor error issues
      added chansrv
      add tintptr type
      fixes for chansrv
      work on chansrv
      added device redir start files
      added xrdp-chansrv to doc
      autotools fix and file_loc.h simplified
      remove g_set_file_rights since g_file_open sets the bits right
      change pam file name
      when autologin, don't use client passed params unless xrdp.ini ask is used
      remove g_signal and change g_waitpid to check for signal
      signal improvements to sessvc
      fix make install error
      delete the pid file on exit
      don't mark never expired accounts as disabled - patch from Christoph Brill
      patch from Christoph Brill - Don't always assume 3350 as the sesman port
      add extended log output
      login changes when looking for available display
      added x_server_running_check_ports
      log an error if send fails
      remove /etc/init.d changes and auto keygen
      make startwm.sh simpler and added comments
      keymap changes
      keymap changes
      keymap changes
      added genkeymap app
      indent, cleanup
      added readme.txt
      change the order of params for keydown/up to be more backward compatible
      first clipboard checkin
      channel fixes
      minor keyboard fixes
      try to connect more than once
      added SECONDARY
      pass domain, program, and directory to sesman and use directory and program
      change the way xup tried to connect repeatedly
      fix warnings
      stop channel server, then xserver
      handle X server crash better
      use _ not - in name
      3 seconds is 3000, not 3
      move some big items to heap
      fixes for small screen
      try to connect to chansrv up to 4 times
      work on clipboard
      fix a crash when freeing struct SCP_SESSION
      work on clipboard
      wait for xserver to start
      log connection failure
      change the way chansrv is started
      clipboard work
      function names
      clipboard work
      fix crash with large clipboards
      clipboard work
      clipboard work
      clipboard work
      update faq
      add lib path for old X server install
      add lib path for old X server install
      add '-nolisten tcp' to X11rdp and Xvnc params
      don't set error handlers for now
      added chansrv_cleanup
      added chansrv_cleanup
      add unix socket to trans
      use unix socket for chansrv
      improvements for when a session is disconnected
      read the ini file to get the ip for chansrv
      use type when looking for a session
      read config file
      allow ';' for comment too
      update file-loc.txt
      remove noise
      improve xrdp_bitmap_load to support 4 and 24 bpp bitmaps
      improve login graphics
      add commented suggestions for .bash_profile and /etc/environment
      added pam_env.so to pam xrdp-sesman
      added some more comments on environment setup
      update trans in xrdp->sesman connection
      g_thread_sck set outside of lock fix and g_cfg should always be a pointer to a struct
      fix an error and add script
      update keymaps
      added check for required header files
      added km-040c.ini
      check for Xlib.h and Xfixes.h at once
      added 4th parameter
      another try
      add stdlib.h for openssl check
      arm cpu needs align
      check for RDP PDU size too small and remove 0x8000 length check
      remove some dead code
      remove some dead code
      remove some dead code
      remove some dead code
      remove some dead code
      remove some dead code
      remove some dead code
      fixes for hppa
      fix for session persistence
      fix for mstsc altgr
      added debug configure option
      added X11DisplayOffset sesman option
      improve trans
      use trans
      update faq X11 files for redhat
      update version in readme.txt and openssl replacement note
      remove Xserver directory
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      update copyright year
      use -l for startwm.sh
      update copyright year
      don't use -l
      update copyright year and add tui64 type
      write to pid file as early as possible
      fix spelling error
      Fix sesman logging disruption after SIGHUP
      update copyright year
      const char for atoi
      use do ... while (0) style for parse.h
      remove some tabs
      unsigned output log

sorg (1):
      /tmp changes


This annotated tag includes the following new commits:

       new  3d888c2   /tmp changes
       new  faed9f2   sync master for tcp_proxy
       new  4544f2d   sync master for tcp_proxy
       new  706a681   remove xorg files

The 4 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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