[Pkg-remote-team] Bug#845701: old conffiles still around

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Tue Nov 29 13:32:56 UTC 2016

reopen 845701
found 845701 0.9.1~20161126+git589b29f-2

tglase at tglase:~ $ fgrep km-0407.ini /var/lib/dpkg/info/xrdp.preinst 
dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile /etc/xrdp/km-0407.ini 0.9.1\~ -- "$@"

I think the problem here is that this line was not present
when I upgraded from 0.9.0~ to 0.9.1~ in the first place,
so any subsequent upgrades within 0.9.1~ are not caught.

You probably want something like 0.9.1~20161126+git589b29f-2~
in the maintscript file, so that the next upload clears it up.
(Mind a fencepost error, I never used dh maintscript before,
so I don’t know if it needs a before or an after version, so
it might be 0.9.1~20161126+git589b29f-3~ instead.)

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