[Pkg-remote-team] [Pkg-tigervnc-devel] Place tigervnc under the umbrella of the new Debian Remote Maintainers team

Yaroslav Halchenko yoh at debian.org
Wed Nov 30 15:47:56 UTC 2016

On Wed, 30 Nov 2016, Mike Gabriel wrote:

> > I do not have any real objection on this. However there is one thing
> > to consider and that is whether people will feel responsible for each
> > package.

> > I have been maintaining vnc for more than 10 years now and I have seen
> > that people are active for a while, but then do not feel responsible
> > anymore. If the package is team maintained then nobody will notice
> > that the uploader is absent and no-one will feel responsible for
> > orphaning it. So it will be silently orphaned instead.

> > This is my main concern about a larger umbrella. The really small
> > umbrella of tigervnc have a similar problem already so maybe it is not
> > so much of a change.

> there could be several policies.

> One could be: all team members are allowed to maintain all pkgs, like LowNMU
> on all pkg-remote packages.

> Another could be: only uploaders of a package maintain it. Within the team
> of uploaders, it should be clear when people become unavailable or MIA.

> The benefit from a team context is that if now activtiy is observed on one
> package for a while and all uploaders behave unresponsively, then another
> team member may just continue the work (or someone else with competence
> joining the team from outside). No need to undergo the procedure of an
> official MIA proposal of one maintainer.

> I am basically open to any of the above approaches for tigervnc. And that is
> just my personal opinion. I am not wearing any kind of team leader hat for
> that team at the moment...

FWIW -- I would not mind anything (new bigger team) if indeed it would
help.  But I am not yet sure if it would here.   IMHO it is not the team
which is needed, but rather more interested eyes/hands, and they could
belong to multiple teams at the same time.

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