audio AND drive redirection for XRDP on Debian 9

Thomas Mueller thomas at
Mon Jun 19 12:47:18 UTC 2017

Dear Remote Desktop Team,

maybe this is the wrong mailing list, but I don’t know the right one.

I'm looking for XRDP on Debian 9 with sound and usb flash drive support.

  * With the current version of Debian 9 (from your team) my usb flash
    drive works well over RDP on an other terminal, but the audio output
    is not hearing there.
  * I compile XRDP with sound on Debian 9 from the instructions of the
    following webpage. Now the sound is working but the usb flash drive
    doesn't work.:

Can you please help me to get a running version of XRDP with audio and 
drive redirection ?

  * Maybe you have instructions how audio works in the current version
    of XRDP from Debian 9
  * OR can you send me the commands how to compile your XRDP sources
    from Debian 9 so that I can merge the instructions withe the upper URL ?

Best regards,

Thomas Mueller
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