Bug#880157: freerdp2: Please disable ffmpeg on Ubuntu

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 30 04:48:53 UTC 2017

Source: freerdp2
Version: 2.0.0~git20170725.1.1648deb+dfsg1-5
Tags: patch

Debian's remmina was recently merged to Ubuntu. remmina depends on
freerdp2. Since remmina is in 'main' on Ubuntu, freerdp2 must be too.
However, Ubuntu has a long-standing policy of keeping ffmpeg out of

In my next email, I am attaching a patch to build freerdp2 without
ffmpeg on Ubuntu.

By the way, could you try to use the pristine-tar branch in the future
as it makes building more convenient? I'm attaching a trivial patch
that may help with that.

Jeremy Bicha

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