Bug#890725: remmina: terminal window disappears

Christoph Anton Mitterer calestyo at scientia.net
Sun Feb 18 02:23:56 UTC 2018

Package: remmina
Version: 1.2.0-rcgit.26+dfsg-1
Severity: important


I have the problem that the terminal window (i.e. the one where one
sees the e.g. VNC connection) disappears every now and then.

One example of this happening is, when I e.g. move to another workspace
and fullscreen some other window (e.g. Firefox with some youtube video)
But I think it also happened without the fullscreening.

When I then make a new connection (after the old window has gone), the
previous connection would still be there in the (then newly created)
terminal window.

Seems that several users have reported similar such problems years ago
already for remmina,... but the workarounds presetened there (enabling
the tray icon) doesn't seem to help now.
So probably a new bug.


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