[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#452016: Unable to save, change or delete Identities

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Mon Nov 19 21:06:56 UTC 2007

tags 452016 + unreproducible moreinfo

OoO En ce début de soirée  du lundi 19 novembre 2007, vers 21:53, "Chris
Hodgetts" <chris at archnetnz.com> disait:

> I did look in /var/log/roundcube/errors and noticed nothing the other day
> when I first noticed the problem (I am at work with no access to home at
> the moment).

> I am however, using, both Firefox2.0 on Windows, and IE6 on WindowsXP.

Is 0.1~rc2-1  the first version  that you installed? Which  database are
you using? If this is sqlite, can you save it and create a new one (with
dpkg-reconfigure roundcube) to check that the problem is still here with
a fresh  database. If you are using  mysql or postgresql, this  is a bit
more painful but if you can, dump it and destroy it.

Choose a data representation that makes the program simple.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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