[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#471781: roundcube: Please provide low-priority debconf question for db_dsnr

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Thu Mar 20 19:19:26 UTC 2008

tags 471781 + wontfix

OoO En  cette fin  de nuit blanche  du jeudi  20 mars 2008,  vers 05:09,
Micah Anderson <micah at debian.org> disait:

> The debconf questions that are included with roundcube configure the 
> db_dsnw for roundcube, but roundcube upstream also offers the option
> to configure a read-only operations database:

> // PEAR database DSN for read only operations (if empty write database will be used)
> // useful for database replication
> $rcmail_config['db_dsnr'] = 'mysql://user:passwd@host/database';

> Probably not that many people will need this, but it would be nice if it 
> were available as a low-priority debconf question so that preseeders
> would be able to set it (instead of just distributing a db.inc.php).

Hi Micah !

It would be easy to add  a debconf question for this parameter. However,
this is a parameter  that will be rarely used. There are  a lot of other
parameters that  we could set  with debconf. Additionally,  each debconf
question is more work to l10n.

You  can just  set yourself  the parameter  in /etc/roundcube/db.inc.php
which is considered as a conffile.
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