[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#552430: Mail folder checking is inconsistent

David Headland dh at winterwolf.co.uk
Sun Nov 8 11:29:17 UTC 2009

Hi Vincent,

> There   is   some   improvement   in   Roundcube   0.3.1   about   cache
> management. Could you  check that it solves your  problem? Please notice
> that upstream  disable cache by default  from this release,  so it could
> fix your  problem without really fixing  it. Try with  cache enabled and
> disabled.

I'll be happy to have a go. I've upgraded the installation on Crush, and I'll
take each point in turn, trying each one with the cache enabled and disabled:

>> I've just started using RoundCube as a webmail client for my IMAP mail. My 
>> account is set up to check all folders for new mail (under Personal 
>> Settings-> Preferences->Mailbox view), which works perfectly for both manual 
>> mail checks and automatic periodic checks. However, it doesn't appear to 
>> check all folders on initial login - you'd have to either wait for the next 
>> periodic check or force a manual check for this to happen.

Cache enabled: This problem still exists in 0.3.1.
Cache disabled: This problem no longer exists. It looks like this is a cache
related problem.

>> Also, it seems that checking for mail by any method will only provide 
>> information on folders that have additional new messages. For example, take 
>> the following scenario:

[Description cut]

Cache enabled: This problem no longer exists.
Cache disabled: Again, this problem no longer exists.

In summary, this report appears to have identified two distinct bugs. The
latter one has been fixed in the new version (message that were marked as
unread weren't being marked as read when you log back in), but the former
still exists with the cache enabled (new message in non-Inbox folders don't
get seen on initial login if the cache is enabled, you still have to manually
check for new messages or wait for the automatic check timeout to occur).

Let me know if you'd like me to try anything else or provide any further
information and I'll get right to it.

All the best,

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