[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] Bug#720955: roundcube-core: fails to upgrade MySQL database (0.7.2-9 -> 0.9.2-2)

Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Sat Aug 31 12:10:30 UTC 2013

 ❦ 26 août 2013 17:15 CEST, Matteo Checcucci <fsmatteo at arnone.de.unifi.it> :

> I was trying to upgrade roundcube from version 0.7.2-9 to version 0.9.2-2.
> Packages roundcube, roundcube-core, roundcube-mysql, and roundcube-plugins taken
> from current jessie, while package roundcube-plugins-extra from current sid.
> During the upgrade the MySQL database failed to be updated with the following error:
> An error occurred while upgrading the database:
> mysql said: ERROR 1091 (42000) at line 3: Can't DROP 'cache_id'; check that column/key exists 
> Retrying failed again.
> Aborting led to a non-working package.
> I downgraded to the previous version, which, however, does not work
> with apache 2.4 ...

What is the history of your installation? Is 0.7.2-9 your initial
installation? The MySQL installation file in 0.7.2-9 says:

CREATE TABLE `cache` (
 `cache_key` varchar(128) /*!40101 CHARACTER SET ascii COLLATE ascii_general_ci */ NOT NULL ,
 `created` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT '1000-01-01 00:00:00',
 `data` longtext NOT NULL,
 `user_id` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY(`cache_id`),
 CONSTRAINT `user_id_fk_cache` FOREIGN KEY (`user_id`)
 INDEX `created_index` (`created`),
 INDEX `user_cache_index` (`user_id`,`cache_key`)
) /*!40000 ENGINE=INNODB */ /*!40101 CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci */;

Maybe the installation failed with another error and then you retried
and you got this error. Unfortunately, when there is an error during
upgrade, there is no rollback done. You need to recover from backup or
handle things yourself by applying upgrades by hand. They are in

Have a look in /var/log/dbconfig-common/dbc.log to confirm the
error. Also, it will trace your version history in case 0.7.2-9 was not
your first version.
	2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/cpqarray.c
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