[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] 0.7.2-9 missing from the repository (was: roundcube_0.7.2-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable)

Jérémy Bobbio lunar at debian.org
Thu Mar 28 09:01:38 UTC 2013


Debian FTP Masters:
>  roundcube (0.7.2-9) unstable; urgency=high
>  .
>    * Fix a vulnerability allowing logged users to override any variable
>      which may be used to steal credentials of other users or read
>      arbitrary files.

While trying to check if 0.7.1-1~bpo60+1 was also affected, I noticed
that there was no traces of 0.7.2-8 and 0.7.2-9 in the Git repository.

Vincent, would you have forgotten push the last releases?

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