[Pkg-roundcube-maintainers] 1.1.4-3 to sid

Vincent Bernat bernat at debian.org
Wed Feb 24 06:56:29 UTC 2016

 ❦ 23 février 2016 23:45 +0100, Sandro Knauß <bugs at sandroknauss.de> :

>> Any DD can upload. Lunar is part of the team too. But maybe you are
>> asking if I have given some permissions to DM? I don't remember doing
>> so. I can do that for you if you want.
> I just looked at the upload history and saw that you were the only one 
> uploading. But still a DD should be part of the team - Okay yes he could also 
> just sign the upload of any team member. 
> If you d'accord with giving upload permissions to me I would appreciate it. On 
> the other side I also like the idea of a review process, so that another team 
> member looks though the changes...

I have granted you the right to upload. I can still do reviews of
course. Your latest changes are OK for me. Try to upload them (maybe
wait a bit if you receive this mail just after I wrote it, dunno how
much time it takes for the process to be complete).
Let the machine do the dirty work.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)
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