[rrdtool-maint] Bug#938414: rrdtool python2 removal

Jean-Michel Vourgère nirgal at debian.org
Thu Sep 5 17:08:48 BST 2019

Hi Andreas

On Wednesday, 4 September 2019 22:00:54 CEST Andreas Henriksson wrote:
> Control: tags -1 + pending

Thanks. I should have done that earlier! I hope you did not loose too much 
time because of that. :/

> I noticed two things you might want to adress though:
> - the dh-python build-dependency was removed. This package contains the
>   dh_python3 helper which the package still seems to be using, so
>   removing this build-dependency was likely a mistake.

python3-all-dbg and python3-all-dev both depends on dh-python, so this is no 
big deal.
But it looks cleaner to explicitly require it, thanks.

> - The debian/changelog should be changed from "(See: #938414)" to
>   "(Closes: #938414)" so that this bug report gets closed automatically
>   when the fixed package is uploaded.

That's on purpose.
See https://wiki.debian.org/Python/2Removal

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