[Pkg-ruby-extras-maintainers] Trying my hands at packaging Ruby: SCGI runner for Rails

Gunnar Wolf gwolf at gwolf.org
Mon Nov 6 20:07:30 CET 2006


[ Please keep me in Cc:, as I'm not (yet?) subscribed to this list ]

I'm the Cherokee Web server maintainer, and I realized it's worth it
to simplify my Rails-minded users' lifes. I'm packaging the SCGI
runner for Rails - But I don't want to upload it just yet, as it's my
first go at Ruby packaging, and there are still some details to
fill. Besides, I do think it's way better to have this package
group-maintained. I'm still quite new to Ruby, so I'm not sure whether
to join this group or just upload my package and hand it over to you.

Anyway, please take a look at my packaging [1 - ITP just sent, no
number assigned yet]. I tried to mimic other Ruby modules I've found,
but there are some items I want feedback on: 

- Naming. I've not seen other Rails-specific Ruby modules. I think
  libscgi-rails-ruby is a proper descriptive name, but then again it
  might be misleading, as the only provided module is 'scgi'. Even
  more, this brings together the 'scgi' module and the (example but
  sufficient) scripts scgi_ctrl, scgi_service and scgi_cluster (for
  which I still have to write the manual pages)... So it might not be
  best suited to be seen as a library, but as a full-fledged
  application. Any comments?
- Documentation. Upstream ships with a rdoc tree, with complete
  documentation translated to HTML. I see the Ruby modules I have
  installed to not provide such a tree - Why? I do find it more
  convenient than requiring the user to convert the rdoc by
  themselves. Or am I missing something Ruby-specific?
- Would anybody among you be interested in taking this package over?
  As I said, I'm newish on Ruby, and I'm sure you would (at least for
  now) make a better work on this package than me. Of course, I'm the
  interested person, so... :)

Thanks a lot for your input on this.

[1] http://people.debian.org/~gwolf/ruby/

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