[DRE-maint] Re: list of Maintainers for packages maintained inside pkg-ruby-extras

Thierry Reding thierry at doppeltgemoppelt.de
Mon Apr 16 16:43:57 UTC 2007

* Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Hi Daigo, Ari and Thierry,
> It looks like you are the only 3 team members who have not filled in the
> Maintainers file in SVN yet[*]. As it was previously explained on the
> mailing list, the file is the first step towards the removal of the
> "Uploaders rule": only the co-maintainers who really care for a package
> will be listed as Uploaders, instead of all team members, like
> previously.
> [...]
> Thierry:
> if you still want to maintain libcairo-ruby ?
> if you still want to co-maintain libfeedparser-ruby, libsvg-ruby,
> ibgpgme-ruby, liblog4r-ruby ?

It doesn't look like I will be having much time to spend on Debian anytime
soon, so anyone please feel free to take over libcairo-ruby. I won't have
time to work on any of the other packages either.


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