[DRE-maint] Removing the Uploaders rule

Paul van Tilburg paulvt at debian.org
Wed Apr 18 23:00:51 UTC 2007

On Sun, Apr 15, 2007 at 09:58:57AM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> With etch released, we can now actively work on removing the Uploaders
> rule. I have already converted libgnuplot-ruby and libxmpp4r-ruby. What
> I did is:
> - Remove the uploaders rule in debian/rules
> - Remove debian/control.in
> - Manually edit debian/control, so that the Uploaders list reflects the
>   content of the Maintainers file. (don't forget to leave the team
>   address
>   in it)

I just updated all the packages that I have as main maintainer or as
uploader/sponsor.  This encompasses:

* hobix
* libbluecloth-ruby (first upload)
* libbreakpoint-ruby
* libcmd-ruby
* libcomplearn-ruby
* libcairo-ruby (taken over maintenance)
* libform-validator-ruby (maintenance transferred to Filipe Lautert)
* libfusefs-ruby
* libgpgme-ruby
* libinline-ruby
* liblog4r-ruby
* libmmapr-uby
* librevolution-ruby (dropped the transitional pkgs for Etch)
* libruby-extras (new release, added libmmap-ruby to the bundle)
* libsvg-ruby
* libsvm-ruby
* libtioga-ruby (maintenance completely transferred to Vincent Fourmond)
* libxml-ruby
* libxslt-ruby

From packages-WIP I have fixed:

* libbuilder-ruby
* libdev-utils-ruby
* libfacets-ruby
* libserialport-ruby

And finally I have adapted ruby-pkg-tools. For the upcoming 0.12 release
it will throw a deprecation warning when you try to use the uploaders rule.
For the release after that, the uploaders rule will be gone!

Packages that weren't processed:
* libdaemonize-ruby (going to kill that pkg in favour of libdaemons-ruby)
* libdbus-ruby (still in WIP, needs a complete rework)
* libgtk-trayicon-ruby (going to be transformed into a transition pkg,
    because it is now part of ruby-gnome2)

My apologies for the spamminess on the -commits list,

Student @ Eindhoven                         | email: paulvt at debian.org
University of Technology, The Netherlands   | JID: paul at luon.net
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