[DRE-maint] ruby-pkg-tools 0.13: request for review

Antonio Terceiro terceiro at softwarelivre.org
Mon Dec 31 19:27:35 UTC 2007

Lucas Nussbaum escreveu isso aí:
> Maintaining only one toolchain seems easier. If/when needed, we could
> fork setup.rb (the one in libsetup-ruby) so that it suits our needs more
> closely.

It seems that most of us agree that just using the packaged setup.rb is
the easier way to go ... I intend to make the needed changes as soon as
I can, and this time I'll test building all the packages myself before
asking you guys to review ruby-pkg-tools. ;)

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at softwarelivre.org>
GnuPG ID: 0F9CB28F

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