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Maxim Komar komar at ukr.net
Thu Feb 15 16:35:48 CET 2007


My Alioth account is komar-guest.
I want maintain package deplate.
deplate is a rubyremote based tool for converting documents written in
wiki-like markup to LaTeX, HTML, "HTML slides", or docbook. It supports
page templates, embedded LaTeX code, footnotes, citations, bibliographies,
automatic generation of an index, table of contents etc. It can be used to
create web pages and (via LaTeX or Docbook) high-quality printouts from the
same source. deplate probably isn't suited for highly technical documents
or documents that require a sophisticated graphical layout. For other
purposes it should work fine.1

deplate aims to be modular and easily extensible. It is the accompanying
converter for the Vim viki pluginremote. In the family of wiki engines, the
"native" deplate markup originated from the emacs-wikiremote.

deplate can read:

    * deplate markup (viki vim plugin) in several variants: full,
      restricted, template (this markup is explained in chapters 9-12)
    * ruby's rdocremote

deplate can write:

    * HTML: single page, web site (chunked), web-based presentation
      (chunked & condensed), as PHP page
    * LaTeX (which can be converted to dvi, postscript, pdf ...)
    * Docbook (which can be converted to html, rtf, pdf, xml-fo, man ...)
    * Really plain text

I already have a packaging for it together with Antonio S. de A. Terceiro.

 Maxim Komar

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