[DRE-maint] libqt4-ruby_1.4.9-11_amd64.changes REJECTED

Debian Installer installer at ftp-master.debian.org
Mon Apr 28 21:47:03 UTC 2008

Rejected: libqt4-ruby: part of the python2.5 transition.

Transition description: python-defaults 2.5 almost ready to migrate

Your package is part of a testing transition designed to get python-
defaults migrated (it is currently at version 2.4.4-6, we need version
2.5.2-1).  This transition is managed by the Release Team, and
Adeodato Simo is the Release-Team member responsible for it. Please
mail debian-release at lists.debian.org or contact Adeodato Simo directly
if you need further assistance.  You might want to upload to
experimental until this transition is done.


If you don't understand why your files were rejected, or if the
override file requires editing, reply to this email.

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