[DRE-maint] Bug#487204: libcairo-ruby: backported fix from upstream CVS (was "Bug#487204: Upstream")

Antonio Terceiro terceiro at softwarelivre.org
Sun Aug 3 23:48:38 UTC 2008

Lucas Nussbaum escreveu isso aí:
> On 20/06/08 at 16:39 +1000, James Healy wrote:
> > I've been in touch with the upstream maintainer about this, and it has
> > been fixed in CVS HEAD. Unfortunately, he hasn't indicated when he plans
> > to cut a new release.
> Actually, we don't need a new release, just a patch :-)

Since Lenny is frozen, by now we should not upload a new release,
either. I backported the upstream fix from CVS, and created a branch off
1.5.1-1 in pkg-ruby-extras team's repository

I tested with two applications that depend on libcairo-ruby1.8, packages
treil and edit-json (this one depends indirectly on libcairo-ruby1.8
through libgtk2-ruby1.8), and they seemed to work ok. The script that
demonstrated the problem also run ok, despite the infinite loop. ;)

Lucas, could you please check the package? It's here:


Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at softwarelivre.org>
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