[DRE-maint] Redmine package uploaded

Richard Hurt rnhurt at kangaroobox.com
Mon Aug 11 20:48:03 UTC 2008


I've uploaded the initial, draft, don't-laugh-at-me-it's-my-first-ever  
package for Redmine to the pkg-ruby-extras SVN repository.  Please  
take a look and let me know what you think.


Rough edges:
  - The whole package; it probably so messed up it will format your  
drive!  :)
  - Soft linking things that don't belong in /usr/share.  I have moved  
the files/ and log/ directories, but config/ and public/ probably need  
to go to /var/lib as well.
  - The rules file is still pretty ugly, but it works.
  - I need a clean process for:
     - downloading the latest SVN from upstream
     - diff'ing between the versions
     - building the package
     - updating pkg-ruby-extras

Building this package has forced me to think about RoR apps in general  
and where the fit into Debian.  According to the rules /usr/share is  
for things that don't change between installs and /var is for things  
that do.  With most of the app being outside resources (Rails, Vendor,  
etc.) and very little actually living in /usr/share, does it make  
sense to have anything in /usr/share?  I tried to move config/ to a  
soft-link but it didn't like it very well.  I'm just wondering what  
else will go wrong when/if I soft-link more things out to /var.  Or is  
soft-linking the wrong way to go?  Hmm...


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