[DRE-maint] Lenny release team summary (important! read this!)

Gunnar Wolf gwolf at gwolf.org
Sat Aug 16 15:39:36 UTC 2008

Paul van Tilburg dijo [Sat, Aug 16, 2008 at 02:36:51PM +0200]:
> Hi!
> This is a small update.  I removed the parts that I flagged as "to be
> ignored for now" in the previous summary.
> Note that I am leaving for a conference with a few hours and I won't be
> able to deal with the still pending tasks.  Could someone take this job
> upon himself?  We need to have everything solved by the end of next week
> IMO.  I will be back August 25 and until then probably without internet
> (it's not a hacker's conference ;)).

First of all, in case you didn't follow: Big kudos and thanks for your
work. You really get this group moving.

> > | Newer upstream available (7)
> > 
> > Michael Schutte is working on it.  The libdb-ruby is already on 0.6.5 in
> > sid, not in testing just yet.  These source pakages should be removed and
> > libdb-ruby's libdbX.Y-ruby package should provide for a transition.
> Status of this work? Anyone?

Is there a reason for the new upstream version to be accepted in
Lenny? This can also be ignored regarding the release.

> > |             libxtemplate-ruby1.8              I #472430
> > 
> > Gotta work on this and straighten it out. Not much work though.
> Handled by Gunnar and solved in Sid.  A release block exception
> should be requested.

Should not require a release block exception - No changes were made to
the code, and no fix was added to the build process. (I just confirmed
this with the release team)

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