[DRE-maint] Bug#466189: rubygems: Should recommend development packages

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at debian.org
Sun Feb 17 06:49:20 UTC 2008

Package: rubygems
Version: 1.0.1-4
Severity: minor

At present, if you install the 'rubygems' package on a minimal system, you
don't have the ability to build any arch-native gems, since none of the
necessary development tools are installed.

I believe that the tools required to build arch-native gems would exist on
systems that have installed rubygems in all but an unusual situation, thus
justifying a Recommends relationship as per Policy 7.2.  Furthermore,
hunting down every package that's actually needed by hand is a bit of a

A strict dependency is not justified, IMO, because you can install some gems
without needing the development-related packages (arch-indep gems that only
ship Ruby code).

The packages that I have found I have needed are:


I ask that these packages be included in the Recommends: list for the
rubygems package.

(As an aside, I also needed libc6-dev, but I believe that ruby1.8-dev should
declare that dependency, so I'm chasing that one up separately)

- Matt

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