[DRE-maint] RFC: Ruby1.8, 1.9 and Rubygems

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Thu May 29 08:30:29 UTC 2008


We (Akira, Daigo, I) had an email discussion about to best package
Rubygems (the software, not the gems packages). Now that Ruby1.9
includes Rubygems, we have a problem, because that meant that we have to
maintain two seperate rubygems versions (one for ruby1.8, in the
rubygems source package, using the version on www.rubygems.org, and one
for ruby1.9, in the ruby1.9 source package).

We decided that, instead, we will drop rubygems from the ruby1.9 source
package, and generate two versions (one for 1.8, one for 1.9) in the
rubygems source package. This has several advantages:
- Users get a newer rubygems version, even on Ruby1.9
- Bugs all go to the same source package
- Patches don't have to be kept in sync between two source packages

As a side note, the binary packages will be renamed, so that we only
- rubygems1.8 for Ruby1.8
- rubygems1.9 for Ruby1.9
I think that this makes more sense than using libgems-ruby1.X, since
rubygems is more an application than a library.

Any comments?
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