[DRE-maint] DebGems announced (in beta)

Micah Anderson micah at riseup.net
Tue Jan 27 15:15:57 UTC 2009


* Gunnar Wolf <gwolf at gwolf.org> [2009-01-05 19:19-0500]:
> Hi,
> I am forwarding here a conversation I have been maintaining with with
> Hongli Lai, from Phusion (the great coders that brought us
> Passenger/mod_rails). I think this can be a great service (although
> commercial) for some users.

Thanks for forwarding this Gunnar. I think this service looks very
interesting, although I do not see how it could be profitable. 

In my humble opinion the company should release it as free software, as
I believe that their return on investment would be significantly higher
if they did this than they could possibly achieve through an attempt to
recuperate costs by squeezing out small fees over a long period of time.

How? Well quite simply it would greatly help the Debian community
provide quality packaged, up-to-date ruby libraries and this in turn
would help the ruby community grow in significant ways. This would
fold-back into the greater community as positive support and serve as
better marketing than any advertisements could possibly provide.

I believe, and I suspect many others believe as well, that opening up
this service, or making this software free so that others can use it
without cost, would greatly help these two communities and this company
would win ten-fold in garnering a significant amount of credibility and
respect from the community that it is part of.

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