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Vincent Fourmond fourmond at debian.org
Mon Jul 27 21:31:31 UTC 2009

  Hi Paul !

Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> In an effort to get rid of hundreds of repetious mails I get every
> single day.  Does someone have an inkling what this is about?
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> Jul 27 15:57:16 fetchdata[23011]: Can't find source package for ftp.debian.org,src:libqt4-ruby in bug #537091

  I'm not sure how PET works, but maintenance of libqt4-ruby has been
turned over to the Debian QT/KDE team. Most of libqt4-ruby's packages
are now provided by kdebindings (except one).

  I guess the easiest way to deal with that would be to remove
libqt4-ruby's directory from the SVN repository, since anyway nothing
from that will ever be uploaded.

  What do you think about that ?



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