[DRE-maint] Bug#690572: localization takes $LANG into account, but ignores $LC_MESSAGES

Francesco Poli invernomuto at paranoici.org
Mon Oct 15 19:42:36 UTC 2012

Control: reassign -1 ruby-gettext 2.2.1-3

On Mon, 15 Oct 2012 18:45:45 +0200 Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> On my system, I've LANG=it_IT.UTF8 (to require localized italian settings in
> general, such as currencies, date formats, etc.), but LC_MESSAGES=en_US.UTF-8
> (as I really can't stand translated help messages :-)).

Hello Stefano,
thanks for your kind bug report.

I understand your setup (and the rationale behind it...).
I assume you have LC_ALL unset.

> As of recently (I suspect starting from version 0.1.8, which carries the
> changelong line "improved internationalization"), apt-listbugs stopped handling
> the above combination properly. In particular, apt-listbugs outputs localized
> messages in italian, whereas it should not.

The "improved internationalization" change you are referring to is actually:

I don't think it can alter anything with respect to the locale
environment variable handling.
I have even reviewed all the commits from apt-listbugs/0.1.7 to
apt-listbugs/0.1.8 and I haven't spotted anything that could be blamed
for this behavior change.

> Here's a simple aptitude session,
> where apt-listbugs is invoked as the first apt-get hook:
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   zack at usha:~$ echo $LANG $LC_MESSAGES 
>   it_IT.UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8
>   zack at usha:~$ sudo aptitude -u
>   [sudo] password for zack: 
>   Recupero delle segnalazioni di bug... Fatto
>   Analisi delle informazioni... Fatto        
>   Reading changelogs... Done
>   (Reading database ... 369717 files and directories currently installed.)
>   […]
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> As you can see, apt-listbugs ignores the LC_MESSAGES override, whereas dpkg
> handles it properly.

I see.

> Please modify apt-listbugs to properly handle LC_MESSAGES (and similar, if
> applicable) overrides.

I can't see anything in apt-listbugs *itself* that directly handles
locale environment variables. I believe that this "dirty work" is
delegated to the ruby-gettext library.
I am consequently reassigning your bug report to the ruby-gettext

I hope that the maintainers of ruby-gettext will manage to investigate
and fix this regression soon.

> Many thanks for maintaining apt-listbugs,

You're welcome: I am glad to contribute to Debian.

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