[DRE-maint] Bug#807538: ruby-protected-attributes: FTBFS: undefined local variable or method `i_dont_even_exist='

Antonio Terceiro terceiro at debian.org
Thu Dec 10 12:19:45 UTC 2015

Control: tag -1 + unreproducible
Control: severity -1 important


On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 10:32:53AM +0200, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Source: ruby-protected-attributes
> Version: 1.1.3-1
> Severity: serious
> Justification: fails to build from source
> User: reproducible-builds at lists.alioth.debian.org
> Usertags: ftbfs
> X-Debbugs-Cc: reproducible-builds at lists.alioth.debian.org
> Dear Maintainer,
> ruby-protected-attributes fails to build from source in unstable/amd64:
>   [..]
>   [ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError] exception expected, not
>   Class: <NameError>
>   Message: <"undefined local variable or method `i_dont_even_exist=' for
>   #<Firm:0x000000030676d0>">

I just tried building this packages 3 times, one on my work system (with
a few related packages from experimental), and twice on sbuild against a
pure unstable chroot, one from the git repository and one with the
source package from the archive, and all 3 worked just fine.

Can you still reproduce this on a up to date unstable system?

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at debian.org>
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