[DRE-maint] [Pkg-puppet-devel] Bug#774643: verify_active_connections is not present in ruby-activerecord 4.1.8

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Tue Feb 10 02:59:15 UTC 2015

intrigeri <intrigeri at debian.org> writes:

> For the record, what's been replied there is that Puppet 3.7 needs
> activerecord 3.x (found in Wheezy) for storeconfig to work without
> puppetdb, while Jessie has activerecord 4.1.8, and ruby-activerecord-3.2
> has been removed from unstable in May, 2014.

> This sounds RC to me.

> Adding the previous maintainers of ruby-activerecord-3.2 into the loop,
> in case they have an idea. E.g. would it be an option to reintroduce the
> 'verify_active_connections!' method from 3.2 into Jessie's
> ActiveRecord::Base:Class? (I guess not, but if it is, then it would
> possibly be the easiest way forward.)

Well, it's RC in the sense that it's a pretty serious regression, but it's
an optional feature in Puppet and it's entirely possible to use Puppet
without using storedconfig at all.  (I do both at home and at work.)  So
in that sense I wouldn't remove Puppet from the jessie release even if
this functionality were broken, so it falls short of RC in that sense.

But it's definitely something that we should fix if possible, since it's a
feature a lot of people use and it would be embarassing for it to not be

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