[DRE-maint] Bug#917318: fixed in ruby-ronn 0.8.0-1

Andrew Janke floss at apjanke.net
Sun Feb 17 03:19:09 GMT 2019

Hi, Debian folks. Ronn-ng maintainer here. Thanks for picking up my fork!

Feel free to let me know if there's anything I can do to make packaging 
easier for you folks, either by email at floss at apjanke.net or at 

In particular, I'm interested in maybe pulling in your patches upstream. 
I don't think I can do the gem rename because of ownership/permissions 
at RubyGems.org. But maybe the others.

$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is new to me. I'm reading the doco now. Do you think 
this would be appropriate for me to support directly in Ronn-NG so that 
other distros or environments could use it?

I'm a little surprised that the patch to relax gem dependency versions 
was necessary. I thought that e.g. "'~> 0.7', '>= 0.7.0'" would require 
"a version starting with 0.7, using SemVer-style versioning, and greater 
than or equal to 0.7.0", basically requiring 0.7.*. Are you doing this 
relaxation because you want to potentially use later minor versions, 
like mustache 0.8.* or nokogiri 1.10.* or 2.*, and these gems are all 
installed in a global library space?


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