[DRE-maint] Bug#915050: (gitlab) Re: Bug#915050: Keep out of testing

Justin Hallett thesin at southofheaven.org
Mon Feb 25 14:45:36 GMT 2019

By keeping this out of testing you are really leaving those of us running it and depending on it in a real mess.  To get rails 2.5 support I had to do some serious Debian badness, this really sucks, couldn’t it just be kept out of backports if that is the issue instead of causing harm to those of us that were happy with it?  Not I have 3 companies that depends on this install that are all up a creek and I can’t even convert to omni (ce) cause you can’t restore a backup of a different version and type (Don’t get me started on this part).

So those of us that happy using it and are now totally FUBARed, what’s the plan for us while everyone complains and discusses things and we have completely unusable installs now?

Testing is for testing things after all, how could it go any place if it’s not being tested?  Stable is always too old, heck it has rails 2.3 for heavens sake and php7.0.  Testing is more work but it’s were I choose to run things so I can stay relevant, and in all my years running testing (over 15 years) I have never had a major package just get pulled.  I couldn’t use the back ports version since it required rails 2.3, so I had to go to experimental which is nuts.  Pirate Praveen has been doing a great job trying to keep up with countless depends and keeping things up to date and stable and now he is being blocked and in turn breaking every install of testing out there.  This is just insane!!

This ticket is bogus and should be closed and removed so that gitlab can be fixed in testing and restore the faith of its users.

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