[Pkg-rust-maintainers] rust-lazy-static-1_1.0.1-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

Josh Triplett josh at joshtriplett.org
Sat Jun 9 10:28:43 BST 2018

On Sat, Jun 09, 2018 at 08:15:00AM +0000, Ximin Luo wrote:
> Chris Lamb:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> >>> Rather than changing the auto-reject, we should fix Lintian to make an
> >>> exception for this file.  The attached patch to lintian should fix that.
> >>
> >> I don't like such exceptions and it's one of these workarounds people carry
> >> along for years and then forget until they cause weird side-effects.
> > 
> > Indeed, although we /can/ make the exceptions far clearer by using a
> > file under the data/* directory. Please can you clone this bug into
> > src:lintian? I should be around later to get it into sid so you are
> > not delayed too much.
> > 
> https://salsa.debian.org/lintian/lintian/merge_requests/5
> Josh are you able to get to Chris' request about implementing it differently? My perl is pretty bad.

Sure, replacement patch attached. (Warning: untested. I wanted to get
feedback on whether this looks like the right approach, first.)
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