[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#945796: Bug#945796: rust-url-serde: (build-)depends on obsolete virtual package.

Paride Legovini pl at ninthfloor.org
Sun Dec 1 22:37:03 GMT 2019

control: block -1

Wolfgang Silbermayr wrote on 29/11/2019:
> On 11/28/19 9:04 PM, peter green wrote:
>> Package: rust-url-serde
>> Version: 0.2.0-1
>> Severity: serious
>> Tags: bullseye, sid
>> librust-url-serde-dev depends on and rust-url-serde build-depends on
>> librust-url-1+default-dev which is no longer provided by rust-url. It
>> seems to have been replaced by librust-url-2+default-dev
> The url_serde crate has been updated the last time to 0.2.0 on April 30,
> 2017. It lived in the servo rust-url repository, where it got removed on
> July 15, 2019. To me it seems to be obsolete. Nothing (build-)depends on
> it yet. I assume it got packaged as a dependency for something else, but
> either that something didn't get packaged yet, or it doesn't require
> this crate any more.
> @paride can you please check and file a ROM if no longer needed?

I filed at ROM RM request: #945959 [1]. The bug report had a
X-Debbugs-CC to this bug (945796 at bugs.debian.org), the Acknowledgement
email correctly mentions it, but for some reason nothing is showing up



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