[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#942487: Bug#942487: Bug#942487: rust-web-sys: Provides header is more than 256K long and it breaks reprepro...

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Mon Dec 23 02:54:53 GMT 2019

Control: reassign -1 reprepro 5.3.0-1
Control: retitle -1 reprepro imposes arbitrary limits on control files that are successfully parsed by other debian tools

Ximin Luo:
> [..]
> I'll take a look at reprepro in the next 2-3 weeks; arbitrary limits like 256K should be pretty easy to fix (have you tried simply configuring the BDB limits?).

The relevant code in reprepro is indexfile.c

line 66: 	f->size = 256*1024;

Change this to something like 4MB would be a short hacky fix to the current issue, I don't think even the extreme rust examples have a 4MB control field yet.

A long-term fix would be to fix this:

line 151-166:
		if (f->size - f->ofs <= 2048) {
			/* Adding code to enlarge the buffer in this case
			 * is risky as hard to test properly.
			 * Also it is almost certainly caused by some
			 * mis-representation of the file or perhaps
			 * some attack. Requesting all existing memory in
			 * those cases does not sound very useful. */

"Error parsing %s line %d: Ridiculous long (>= 256K) control chunk!\n",
			f->failed = true;
			return RET_ERROR;

One reasonable option would be to rip out this code and use whatever dpkg itself is using to parse the fields.


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