[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#976871: net2/miow invalidly assumes the memory layout of std::net::SocketAddr

Peter Michael Green plugwash at debian.org
Fri Dec 25 23:42:34 GMT 2020

tags 976870 +fixed-upstream
tags 976871 +fixed-upstream

I don't think these packages are fit for release in their current state

The issue is that the code works with the current version of rustc's 
standard library, but is likely to be broken by future versions of 
rustc. Since rustc is likely to need to be updated over the lifetime of 
a stable release (due to new versions of firefox/thunderbird) this means 
these packages are likely to become broken over the lifetime of a stable 

I notice these issues have been fixed upstream in net2 0.2.36 and miow 
0.3.6, I'll try and take a look at updating the packages if noone else 
gets there first.

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