[Pkg-rust-maintainers] rust ecosystem worries of a release team member

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Sun Jan 5 13:39:59 GMT 2020

Paul Gevers:
> [..]
> [1] Now thunderbird is blocked by rust-cbindgen (last version migrated
> in September with uploads since October), which is blocked by rust-syn
> (last version migrated in July, with new uploads since August). Involved
> is rust-proc-macro2 (last version migrated in July, with new uploads
> since August (and currently triggers an autopkgtest regression)),
> rust-unicode-xid (which has been trying to migrate to testing since
> August),  rust-quote (trying to migrate since August). And I may be
> missing others. rustc was involved at some moment, cargo was involved
> (and FTBFS for some time) etc...

As discussed in #debian-release, this huge migration involving unicode-xid, proc-macro2, etc, is blocked on some packages in NEW as well as other things including the autopkgtests.

Please be aware that rust autopkgtests are a new experimental thing and as such will take a while to iron out. After that though, future stuff should be much easier.

To help this process, is there a way we can mass-download all the logs of all the failures? I basically want to grep all the rust-* failure logs for ^error, and group them per source package. That way it'll be easier to see which things we have to automate solutions for, and which things we can get away with a manual override.


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