[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Libnitrokey Updates For Debian

Wolfgang Silbermayr wolfgang at silbermayr.at
Fri Jan 24 07:51:58 GMT 2020

On 1/23/20 10:19 AM, Robin Krahl wrote:
> On 2020-01-23 10:10:39, Jan Luca Naumann wrote:
>> Is there an update about this topic?
> rust-nitrokey and rust-nitrokey-sys have been uploaded to experimental.
> I’m currently waiting for someone to upload rust-nitrocli (and a fix for
> rust-nitrokey-sys).

Hi Robin,

I'm not a DD yet, so I can't upload it for you. Our modus operandi is to
ping a DD directly in the #debian-rust IRC channel if an RFS upload is
important. The DDs usually don't know which uploads should be
prioritized, but happily upload packages if you ask them to.

If you are a DM, you can also upload the packages on your own if you are
listed in the uploaders field of the debcargo.conf file. For this, a DD
needs to update your upload permissions by running the
dev/grant-dm-perms.sh script with your e-mail address in the
debcargo-conf repo. Here it's the same, just ping a DD in the IRC channel.


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