[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Are your systems prepared for a remote workforce?

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Fri Mar 20 12:57:05 GMT 2020

Hi there! Sharon here, from Message Labs Africa Ltd, a managed cloud
service provider. Do you mind if I take two minutes of your time to talk to
you about how we can help you prepare your organization's systems to
support a remote workforce?

The reality of the current state of our country has dawned on only a
handful of organizations in Kenya so far. The threat of the Covid-19 virus
has only quickened a few business leaders to send their staff home to work
remotely in order to curb the spread of the simple yet deadly virus. We are
not here to judge your business decisions. We are here to help you support
your remote staff and to ensure the availability of your services through
this period of uncertainty.

Take your time to carefully consider the following questions that will help
you determine just how prepared your organization is to maintain its bottom
lines in the event your employees are not able to access to your business
premises for a long period of time.

 Is your current infrastructure set up to support a remote workforce?
Before you say yes;
 Can your employees access all the business-critical systems they require
in order to be productive? Are these connections secure and limited to your
staff only?
 Are you able to keep track of work done by each member of your
organization and how it contributes to your company goals and targets?
 Are all changes to your organization's data made by your remote staff
being backed up securely?
 With only critical IT personnel available (best case scenario) to maintain
your on-premise systems, is he, she or they capable of supporting your
remote staff while ensuring critical services such as email remains
 In case of failure of your systems, do you have an actionable and tested
disaster recovery plan that will guarantee recovery in the shortest time
possible? Are all key personnel charged with implementing your business
continuity and disaster recovery plan available?

If this was a high school quiz, how did you do? If you have anything less
than a perfect score, you should probably keep reading. 

P.S There's a sweet deal at the end!

Pepea Managed Server Hosting

This solution simply means hosting your on-premise systems on the cloud,
more specifically, the Pepea Cloud which is private and secure.

It means;

 Your remote staff can easily access all your business-critical systems
securely via a stable internet connection
 Your critical IT personnel is freed from having to be physically present
on your premises in order to maintain your systems and support your staff
 Your budget is no longer stretched out thin by maintenance costs, repair
costs, upgrades costs, unnecessary additional backup systems, increased
labor costs, long term system replacement costs just to name a few
 You will no longer be uncertain of the security of your systems against
malware attacks
 You will have peace that comes with the assurance that not only your data
but also your entire system is being securely backed up daily
 You can rest easy knowing that in case of failure of your systems or a
disaster that disrupts functionality, you can recover in a few minutes and
continue working from your secondary system on the Pepea Cloud

In short, with our Managed Server Hosting
and Disaster Recovery
solutions, it's business, as usual, come rain, come sunshine. We take care
of your systems, while you work to maintain your bottom lines. 

I know you need a bit more information. Click on the link below for all you
need to know about how we will help your business stand tall when this
storm blows over.

The Solution In The Cloud; Pepea Managed Server Hosting

We did not just plan on telling you about this solution, we have a great
deal on it too! We are offering clients that simply sign up for Pepea
Managed Server Hosting a 30-60 day trial! 

Is your interest piqued? Call us now at 0725808889 or simply respond to
this email for more information!

Remember to support and mind your fellow Kenyans by following all
government regulations on the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19
virus. Together, we will defeat Corona.


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