[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#969616: Bug#969609: rust-zstd: unbuildable, uninstallable, depends on non-existent rust-zstd-safe

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at canonical.com
Fri Sep 11 20:11:27 BST 2020


On Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 09:23:49PM +0100, Ximin Luo wrote:
> You keep filing these same bugs.  I have told you this many times before
> already: this is just how rust packaging works, Britney's migration policy
> already prevents these packages from reaching Debian Testing, so there is
> no problem, no users are affected.

> You filing these bug reports accomplishes nothing, except delay & annoy
> other Rust packagers who forget to close these pointless bugs, thereby
> unnecessarily blocking any fixed packages from actually reaching Debian
> Testing.  Oftentimes the fix is also not to update the package itself, but
> to upload another package.  Due to the idiosyncracies of the BTS, not
> everyone knows how to close these bugs correctly (notfound -1 $version)
> and it will result in further delays.

> Please stop filing these bug reports, they only create extra unnecessary
> work for other people, and make Debian worse for users, by slowing down
> the stream of fixes.  Britney already prevents Testing migration.

It is not credible to me that this is "just how rust packaging works".  The
bugs I am filing are against packages that have been uninstallable in
unstable for more than 4 months.  The missing dependencies are not in the
NEW queue, and there are no ITP bugs filed for them.  There is no reason to
believe, without filing these bugs, that anyone on the rust packaging team
is doing anything about these missing dependencies.

And filing bug reports in the Debian BTS is the standard way in Debian to
document bugs in packages.

And it is unacceptable that Debian maintainers don't know how to operate the
Debian BTS.

So no, I will not stop filing bugs against RC-buggy packages that the Rust
maintainers are clearly not taking care of.  If you don't want bug reports,
you have the option to stop uploading packages that are RC buggy from the
moment they're accepted into the archive.

> Steve Langasek:
> > Source: rust-zstd
> > Version: 0.5.1-1
> > Severity: grave
> > 
> > The rust-zstd package has both a dependency and a build-dependency on
> > librust-zstd-safe-2.0.3+experimental-dev, which does not exist anywhere in
> > Debian.  Presumably it would be built by a rust-zstd-safe package, but no
> > such package exists, including in the Debian NEW queue.
> > 
> > The binaries of rust-zstd that are in Debian were clearly not built on the
> > autobuilders, and all other architectures besides amd64 are unable to build
> > this package.
> > 
> > 
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