[Pkg-rust-maintainers] fast and serious loan offer!!

ODILIA FLORES DE GARAY floresdegaray1945 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 13:32:02 GMT 2021

They call me FLORES DE GARAY ODILIA I am from Salvador but currently in
Canada for health reasons. Sorry for this way of contacting you the result
of some of my medical tests was that my days on earth were numbered.
Unfortunately, I have no family or children who can benefit from my
property. My church father and spiritual guide advised me to make a
donation so that the Lord would forgive me of my sins.
I have a sum of 850,000 € that I have saved by paying money to the
BancoAgricola bank in El Salvador.

In reality The money was blocked for another activity but unfortunately I
can no longer do it because of my illness.
If I chose you it is because it is better to have someone than myself I
chose during my lifetime to execute my will by helping the Orphans and the
elderly in difficult situation than to lose it in the bank .

 I offer it to you from the bottom of my heart so that you can help
 people in need on my behalf orphans and the elderly in difficult
circumstances.Accept it and reply to my lawyer:

email: carlosalbertoacosta1963 at gmail.com

thanks for understanding


 I know my post will sound a little unusual to you, but trust me because I
am an honest person.
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