[Pkg-rust-maintainers] Bug#985813: rust-libnotcurses-sys FTBFS ffi related errors.

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Wed Mar 24 06:01:16 GMT 2021

Package: rust-libnotcurses-sys
Version: 2.1.8-1
Severity: serious

After spotting a FTBFS on my ddpo page, I also decided to check the ddpo page for the rust team.
A number of packages were marked as FTBFS, most appeared to be false positives either resource
exhaustion on the reproducible builds test systems (I hit retry for these) or attempts to build
a package on architectures it has never supported.

However the failure of rust-libnotcurses-sys seems to be a real bug, it fails with a bunch
of ffi related errors and I was .able to reproduce the failure locally. The first of the
many errors is shown below.

> error[E0432]: unresolved import `ffi::notcurses_cansixel`
>    --> src/bindings.rs:679:5
>     |
> 679 |     notcurses_cansixel,
>     |     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>     |     |
>     |     no `notcurses_cansixel` in `bindings::ffi`
>     |     help: a similar name exists in the module: `notcurses_canpixel`

Looking at the test history on reproducible builds and comparing it with the upload timing
for notcurses I believe this failure was most likely caused by the update of notcurses to
version 2.2.

Since this package does not appear to have any reverse dependencies I do not intend to work
on fixing it myself.

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